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`Sex and the City' heats up

A long-stalled movie based on the HBO series appears to be perking up again. The original cast returns.

July 06, 2007|Sheigh Crabtree | Special to The Times

Order up a cosmopolitan: "Sex and the City" may finally be coming to the big screen.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon are all set to reprise their roles based on the long-running HBO series. The show's executive producer, Michael Patrick King, will direct the script, which he wrote.

King also will produce, along with Parker, John Melfi and Darren Star. Star launched the series that followed the oft-racy exploits of Manhattan sex columnist and Jimmy Choo lover Carrie Bradshaw (Parker), randy Samantha Jones (Cattrall), conservative optimist Charlotte York (Davis) and career-minded Miranda Hobbes (Nixon).

Fans of the show have clamored for a film version of "Sex and the City," which was based on semiautobiographical columns written by Candace Bushnell, since the series ended in 2004 after six colorful seasons of urban dating, career highs and lows, babies and shoe shopping.

But the project's trajectory from TV to feature film has been fraught with as many twists and turns as Carrie Bradshaw's love life.

Progress had reportedly been halted in part because of Cattrall. Sources said she wanted script control and a salary close to that of Parker, who was more highly paid than the others because she was co-executive producer, and narrator, of the series.

Well, apparently that is all water under the bridge: Cattrall has a deal she's happy with, one that sources say gives her input on her scenes, and a sweet salary, Variety reported. The trade publication also reported that she has a future series deal with HBO. HBO sources, however, disputed that, saying there is no Cattrall series in the works.

Barring any delays due to story or budget issues, the movie is scheduled to start shooting in September in -- where else? -- New York.

There was no official word from either HBO or New Line Cinema, which is said to be close to a deal to finance and distribute the movie.

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