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Human ego, animal agony

July 07, 2007

Re "Seeking a kinder fate for abandoned animals," July 1

Passing legislation to responsibly manage a problem spawned of human ignorance will go much farther than targeting those who have the heart-wrenching task of doing away with the problem. As a former animal shelter operations director, I find it incredible that people who truly love animals are forced to assume the emotional and physical burden of taking their lives -- while others continue breeding animals like commodities for nothing more than love of their "personal freedom."


Public Relations Director

Animal Protection Institute



I have two friends who bought puppies from different backyard breeders. Both puppies were in poor health, which resulted in high veterinarian bills. The breeders refused to help with the bills. Not only will AB 1634 help mitigate overpopulation, it will make these people clean up their acts. The conditions that some breeders keep animals in would make your stomach turn. Other businesses must carry a license and pay taxes. Many breeders are not licensed and not claiming this income. No wonder the breeders are lobbying hard to keep this bill from passing. Meanwhile, the puppies that don't sell or parents that are no longer useful for breeding are dumped at the pound on the taxpayer's dime, put down by the breeders or dumped on the street, where they can end up as bait for dog fighters. I know firsthand because I adopted one of those breeding "mommy" dogs. After she could no longer breed, at the age of 11, the breeder dropped her at the pound, along with five other "mommy" dogs.


Westlake Village

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