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The governor's verbal gas

July 07, 2007

Re "State air board official resigns," July 3

Catherine Witherspoon, executive director of the California Air Resources Board, describes public comments by members of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's staff as "Orwellian ... a triumph of appearances over reality."

This is not science fiction. Note the governor's penchant for producing his own supply of greenhouse gases. He is fond of his Hummers, private aircraft, multiple residences and the strong financial support of automobile dealerships.

As when watching his Hollywood efforts, one must "suspend disbelief" to follow his "Save the Earth" rhetoric. The governor exhausts us with both real and figurative fumes. He is the one who should be called to account for not doing more.


Granada Hills


Re "Mixed messages in the air," July 3

The message in the air is to get the pollutants, caused by fossil diesel fuel, out of the air with all due speed, without a serious effect on the economy. Biodiesel fuel would reduce particulates, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide by some 60%, right now. It is sulfur-free and nitrous oxide-neutral. It does not require retrofitting for most engines and costs only about 2% more per gallon at the pump.

It's the fuel, stupid.


Hermosa Beach

The writer is executive director of the nonprofit Guacamole Fund, which coordinates events for groups that work in the public interest.

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