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Palestinian problem-solving

July 07, 2007

Re "Abducted BBC journalist is released in Gaza Strip," July 4

Hamas, popularly elected as a reaction to Fatah's rule of corruption, found and freed BBC reporter Alan Johnston. Hamas also renounced attacks on Israeli citizens. Obviously, Hamas questions Israel's right to confiscate land and property and incarcerate Palestinians at will. Who doesn't?

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas may say all the right things, but I doubt that he can persuade the Israelis to concede enough to create a viable second-state Palestinian economy. Nor do I believe that Mideast envoy Tony Blair, with his craven loyalty to President Bush, will be able to improve the situation.


Corona del Mar


So Hamas takes credit for the release of the BBC journalist in Gaza. His whereabouts were known all the time of his captivity to Hamas, but he was "liberated" just after the brutal takeover of Gaza by Hamas brought negative publicity to this terrorist group. Is this not a miraculous coincidence?



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