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Southland Home Prices

San Diego County sales activity for May

July 08, 2007

The chart lists median prices in thousands of dollars for sales of existing single-family homes and condominiums by ZIP Code. Community names are included for convenience. Some ZIP Codes include multiple cities that, due to space limitations, cannot all be listed by their individual names.

Percentage changes are a year-over-year comparison for the reporting month.

The price per square foot in the far right column includes only single-family home sales and does not include attached garages.

Prices, provided by DataQuick Information Systems in La Jolla, are drawn from county records and are determined on the basis of the documentary transfer tax, when paid in full. DataQuick, a subsidiary of Vancouver, Canada-based MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates, monitors real estate activity nationwide and provides information to consumers, educational institutions, public agencies, lending institutions, title companies and industry analysts.

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*--* No. Median %Price No. Median %Price Home of house change of condo change price Zip houses price May condos price May per Comm Code sold $1000 '06 sold $1000 '06 sqft



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