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A nation in fool's clothing

July 09, 2007

Re "A kick in the pants," editorial, July 5

I would just like to thank The Times for bringing to light how ridiculous some Americans have become. There is something wrong with our judicial system if we have people working in the legal system who demand $67 million for a pair of missing trousers. It's not surprising that such a case got covered by media throughout the world. What kind of reflection is this on our country? Many countries already don't think so highly of us, and this is a prime example of why.


Fairfax, Va.


While the editorial about the Pearson pants lawsuit case was cute, the point should have been to recognize the need for cleaning up frivolous litigation and that a court officer misused the court system.

Yes, he had to pay court costs for a feeble lawsuit, but why didn't the news media call for his ouster instead of expressing glee at the potential wordplay?

He is obviously not qualified to judge cases if he believed his case had merit. If he did not believe it had merit but was hoping for the proverbial early retirement, then by his actions he acknowledges that the system is not about justice but more like a lottery.

It would be exhilarating to have The Times wield the mighty sword of words against corruption of the justice system, but it "took to extremes an admirable American impulse": not to be judgmental.



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