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Catastrophes caused by the war

July 11, 2007

Re "150 Iraqis feared dead in bombing," July 8

It is terrible to know that our country is responsible for this catastrophe because of the unprovoked war the administration launched. On Sunday afternoon, we went to the movies at the Grove, where hundreds of Angelenos were walking around enjoying the ambience, the shops, the people. All I could think of was the scene if a suicide bomber attacked us as they did the hundreds of people at the market in Iraq.

We must get out of this ill-advised, catastrophic war now. Of course we have to plan the best way to get out with the least number of casualties. But to continue the course our government has chosen will only cause more death and chaos and misery.


Los Angeles


Re "Republican discord on Iraq grows," July 7

Are we going to believe that these Republican lawmakers, after nearly five years, have now noticed what most of us have known for years -- that the war policy is adrift? Or could it be that their main motivation now is to save their political skins by jumping ship before the Bush presidency sinks?




There is an important question about why this Bush-Cheney adventure in Iraq is still alive. It was deemed patriotic in its infancy and embraced as a sure vote-getter by some of those who now question the wisdom of fighting a war we could never win. Even when it began to show signs of wear, the war-minded continued their assault against those who dissented. And we are still there, losing hundreds of American lives with nothing to show for the sacrifice -- a sacrifice not shared by the neocons who are calling the shots.


Granada Hills


Re "From MREs to KFC, a big problem," July 9

It is interesting to read that our troops in Iraq are having trouble keeping their weight down. Many years ago, I spent more than a year in Vietnam with the Marine Corps. I never met a Marine who didn't lose a significant amount of weight during his tour. In my case, I arrived in Vietnam at the same weight as my high school football days and left 40 pounds lighter. My mother cried when she met me at the airport.


San Juan Capistrano

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