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Radical actions

July 11, 2007

Re "Justice and Gitmo," editorial, July 8

Your editorial hit it on the spot when you wrote, "But the measures adopted at Guantanamo depart so radically from American traditions that they subvert this nation's standing as a land of liberty." We are fighting a very radical enemy. Suicide bombers are pretty radical. Blowing themselves up and sacrificing their lives so they can maim and kill as many people as possible is pretty radical. Maybe our country also has to become a little radical to sustain our liberty in fighting this enemy combatant that has no respect for human life.


San Gabriel


I believe that you are badly misreading the motive for the Supreme Court's recent decision to hear the appeal of the denial of habeas corpus to Guantanamo prisoners. Given the record of the Roberts court so far, the reasonable expectation is that a 5-4 majority will confirm the actions of the Bush administration and agree that Guantanamo prisoners have no rights within the American legal system. Hoping for a different decision ignores the record of this court and its eagerness to legitimize the actions of the Bush administration.


Olympia, Wash.

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