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Root, root, root for gay families

July 11, 2007

Re "Law firm criticizes Padres over gays," July 7

Will this insanity never end? "The religious freedom of Christians is threatened" by gay families spending a day at the ballpark to see the Padres play in San Diego? Oh, please. Is this activity -- going to a baseball game -- preventing them from practicing their religion? I don't think so. Are the Padres supporting the gay lifestyle? Last I heard, the ballpark is open to all who want to buy a ticket, even religious Christians. If this were not so sad it would be laughable.


Fountain Valley


I am outraged that these small-minded "religious groups" just do not leave people alone. What right does anyone have to threaten any group from enjoying a great day at the ballpark? As far as the Christian group Set-Free Ministries running the concessions, if the Padres do not set them free, I will spend my dollars elsewhere.


Laguna Woods

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