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Incisive antiwar article

July 11, 2007

Re "Amid the din of drums and bugles, a disturbing silence," column, July 9

Who but Al Martinez can paint a word picture of the human condition and of the plight of our young soldiers today? They grew up in peaceful times, when war was something you saw in the movies. Some joined to see the world, others to earn a college education. And then men who never saw the savagery of slaughter assigned them to invade a country that never did harm to America.

"The music of America" will be played in a minor key until wiser men rule, using the tool of diplomacy to settle differences rather than the uninspired slogans of "shock and awe" and "bring 'em on." It will take some time for the world to once again sing "America the Beautiful."


O'DONNELL HUNTHuntington Beach


Martinez's column is one of the most incisive antiwar pieces I have ever read. His last two sentences say it all: "The last bugle to play will sound taps. It will be as much for a culture diminished by war as it is for a soldier who dies in one." When will we ever learn?


Los Angeles

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