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Foundation fights discrimination

July 12, 2007

Re "Who's behind the integration decision?" Opinion, July 7

Mark Tushnet is correct in saying that the Pacific Legal Foundation has worked to ensure that children aren't assigned to schools based on the color of their skin. However, when he questioned whether it would follow through on the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to bring further litigation to ensure that schools don't use race, he apparently wasn't aware of the organization's track record.

For 10 years, the foundation has enforced California's ban on using race and gender in decision-making by state and local governments. The foundation has sued local governments, school districts and the state to ensure that all government entities abide by voters' overwhelming decision in 1996.

The foundation specializes in litigating with aggressive follow-through to defend property rights, limited government, a balanced approach to environmental regulation and individual freedom. It stands ready to assist parents and other citizens who share the Supreme Court's view that government has no business discriminating against its citizens based on skin color.



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