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Does Goldberg have Earth envy?

July 13, 2007

Re "Live Earth: Dead on arrival," Opinion, July 10

When it comes to climate change, the U.S. is still among the largest contributors, yet our citizenry contains, perhaps, the greatest intellectual and technical resources for finding solutions. Why do we remain the least informed and engaged when it comes to addressing the issue? Many performers and speakers at Live Earth have commitment and great eloquence, and those testing the waters of activism, whatever their motivation, are much more likely to become leaders on the issue if they are rewarded for their efforts.

Sadly, it is the cynicism of those such as Jonah Goldberg that enables the greed and blindness of the oil-driven Bush administration to drive a regressive political agenda. Goldberg's sour grapes are reminiscent of the aging rock stars and promoters whose criticism likely derived from the fact that they either weren't invited to perform or didn't think of it first.




Goldberg's hateful reaction to Live Earth is proof of its success. His regular readers must ask themselves: Why does the sight and sound of so many people trying to do something good upset Goldberg so much?


New Orleans


I really enjoyed Goldberg's column about the silliness and the futility of the Live Earth concerts. It is a hoot, and I say that in spite of my own conclusion that much of the conservationists' message is valid. These people obviously want to be on the "it" bandwagon, but they have no idea what the science is that they're actually talking about.


San Francisco


What planet does Goldberg think he lives on? After being wrong for more than four years in his support of a failing Iraq war policy, does he really expect readers to grant any credibility to his appraisal of the global warming crisis?

He even has the nerve to suggest that some talented musicians who happen to have a high degree of social and environmental consciousness, something he sorely lacks, should consider retiring. If Goldberg is looking for candidates for retirement, he need look no further than his own mirror.


Culver City


Intelligent people realize the truth about the limousine liberal entertainers converging to different locations around the world to encourage saving the Earth. Global warming is debatable -- except Al Gore's disingenuous posturing, exaggerations and lies have made it more important than even global human rights issues.


La Mirada


The "baby boomer booboisie"? We haven't heard such tortured alliteration since Spiro T. Agnew, surely one of Goldberg's role models.


La Habra

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