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Chief executive and his privilege

July 13, 2007

Re "Bush refuses to cooperate in probe of attorney firings," July 10

In asserting executive privilege, President Bush claims to be protecting future presidents -- that is, people like himself. How characteristic of him, to spare no effort for the sake of his own. His concern for his ilk is matched only by his deafness toward everyone else. Now that he has addressed the concerns of presidents, perhaps he can spare a minute for the rest of us?


Cambridge, Mass.


Why not let the aides testify under oath? If they get convicted of perjury, Bush can simply pardon them.


Thousand Oaks


Re "Privilege has its limits," editorial, July 11

So, according to The Times' reasoned thinking, Bush should compromise with Congress on its probe into the U.S. attorneys firings. Aside from the fact that the president has every right to dismiss anyone he wishes in his administration, the Democrats, along with their sycophant friends in the media, have clouded the issue to such a degree that reason has flown out the window.

But not everywhere. The president sticks to his Texas-size guns and tells Congress to jump off the nearest cliff. Thank God for a president who doesn't read the polls and has the guts to take a stand.

The wishy-washy Democrats flounder about like gasping fish on a beach, desperate to pin anything to a president who one day will be held in the highest esteem for avoiding the pitfalls of popular thinking.


Walnut Creek, Calif.

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