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Terrorism suspect is released

Marwa Asha had been the only woman held in the recent botched bombings in Britain.

July 13, 2007|From the Associated Press

LONDON — A woman arrested during the investigation of the botched London and Glasgow terrorist attacks was released without charge Thursday, police said.

Marwa Asha, 27, was arrested with her husband, Mohammed Jameel Asha, 26, of Newcastle under Lyme, on the highway in Cheshire on June 30.

A Scotland Yard statement said she was released without charge Thursday evening.

Eight suspects were detained after police found two unexploded car bombs in central London on June 29, and two men crashed a Jeep Cherokee loaded with gas canisters and gasoline into Glasgow Airport in Scotland the next day.

Marwa Asha had been the only woman detained.

The other suspects who remain in custody or under police guard include Kafeel Ahmed, a 27-year-old Indian engineer who is in a Scottish hospital with third-degree burns after allegedly ramming the Jeep into the airport.

His alleged accomplice in the Jeep, Bilal Abdullah, is a 27-year-old doctor raised in Iraq.

The pair are alleged to have carried out the attempted bombings in London before returning to Scotland and attacking the airport.

Kafeel Ahmed's brother, Sabeel, 26, a trainee physician, was arrested in Liverpool and is being questioned by police. Mohammed Haneef was arrested in Australia on July 2 as he was boarding a flight to his native India. He is a distant cousin of the Ahmed brothers.

Two other suspects being questioned in London are unidentified trainee doctors.

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