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Creating a climate of concern

July 14, 2007

ANN POWERS is right: The diversity and world approach to the Live Earth effort was a show of masterful collaboration and illuminates a great potential for mass action at the grass-roots level ["That's Some Band Aid," July 9]. This is just the thing America needs to export, not fear and inarticulate sound bites, which have dominated our world contribution of late.

Since the broadcasts, I've tried to cut off excess lights and purchase more energy-efficient lightbulbs. And I'm sure thousands of others will do the same.


Los Angeles


WHETHER Live Earth's goal is focused or not, and whether Al Gore is using Live Earth as his own political vehicle or not, can be debated forever by both sides. What cannot be debated, however, is the monstrous carbon footprint left by Live Earth due to all the amplifiers, speakers and video screens used at each concert venue around the world, coupled with the millions of TVs tuned in to the concert. Carbon footprints are the exact thing Live Earth was fighting against.


Jacksonville, Fla.

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