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July 14, 2007

Thanks, Tony La Russa, for ruining what could have been one of the more memorable finales to baseball's All-Star game.

Bases loaded, two out, down a run -- the National Leaguers on the brink of breaking the 10-year American League stranglehold. Potential Hall of Famer Albert Pujols waiting in the wings.

And what do you do? Out of sheer ignorance, arrogance, and/or stupidity, you decide to go with Aaron Rowand. Aaron Rowand!!??

Oh, so you're "saving" Pujols for ... what, next year's game?


Lake Balboa


During last Sunday's game against the Florida Marlins, I heard Vin Scully, of all people, give a stat about a Florida player being the first Marlins second baseman to hit more than 15 home runs before the All-Star break. My question is ... so what?

Can't we do away with these meaningless statistics until at least the end of the season when maybe they might matter?


Thousand Oaks


The Dodgers have a new "Game Over" guy. Used to be "game over" when Eric Gagne came in. Now it's "game over" when Brett Tomko comes in.


Marina del Rey


Will Arte Moreno allow Bartolo Colon and Ervin Santana to pitch the Angels right out of the playoffs?


Garden Grove


So Scott Boras wants a new defensive statistic for baseball (EP).

You have to immediately ask yourself, "What's in it for Scott Boras?" He probably believes that it will somehow boost his clients' value. Which then brings us to the final conclusion that for Scott Boras, EP really means Every Penny.


Santa Clarita

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