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Two takes on animals as food

July 15, 2007

We are clearly growing more aware of just how much animals must suffer before we can eat them ("Animal welfare issue boiling," July 2). However, we should make sure that we do not settle for some half-solution that appeases our conscience while failing to protect those we would eat. Although switching to "humane," "free-range" and "cage-free" products is admirable, animals will continue to suffer so long as we continue to mass-produce, confine and kill them. The only real answer is to go vegan.




People who believe that life can be fully appreciated only by eating well know the real meaning of "cruel": dinner companions who dish up a long list of things they will not eat, who make it impossible to choose a restaurant because of their special requirements, who pester waiters with endless questions and who turn purple when you order something that violates their moral code.

Animal-rights/vegetarian/vegan/organic/raw-food people are probably the most inconsiderate, obnoxious people on our green Earth. Call me intolerant, but I'm not inviting them to any of my parties.


Los Angeles

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