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Never A Dull Moment

More than just a flash hit, metallics are making a gleaming mark on denim.

July 15, 2007|Melissa Magsaysay | Times Staff Writer

THE metallic trend has run the gamut from the silver and gold shoes and bags of last fall to the futuristic mirrored looks of spring. But this summer, the shimmery stuff is taking on new life in denim, with brands such as Goldsign and Oligo Tissew transforming once rigid fabric into liquid metal.

Denim designers are using all kinds of methods -- baking, painting and rolling -- to achieve coppery, silvery hues.

For his denim-based Oligo Tissew label, Christopher Enuke rolled metallic paint over jeans to "create a happy suit of armor," he says.

At J & Company, Julien Jarmoune started with black denim and washed it down to a light gray before setting in metallic dye by cooking the fabric in an oven.

"Metallics can be tacky if they're not done right, but they can definitely be very elegant too," says Jarmoune, who's carrying the metallic jeans from his summer line over into the holiday collection.

He's right.

These are jeans to build an outfit around, which means careful consideration needs to go into accessorizing. Rather than piling on more metal, a la C-3PO, choose fluorescent accessories to balance the metallic hues.

Because the effect of the treatments is already sleek and sexy, keep the styling on the sporty side. A basic, tissue-thin white or gray T-shirt or tank top paired with skinny silver or copper jeans looks fresh and modern. Refresh your favorite vintage T-shirt or worn-in hoodie with pink, green or light-blue metallic jeans.

And you can always cut them off, throw on a pair of roller skates and channel "Xanadu" once Halloween approaches or the trend has passed -- whichever comes first.



Styled by Melissa Magsaysay; hair by Johnny Stuntz Factory Artists; makeup by Annie Ing Celestine

Models: Lola and Heather K Ford; Jolanta LA Models

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