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Bush's signature on our quagmire

July 15, 2007

Re "Bush again links Iraq war to Al Qaeda," July 11

President Bush and his rubber-stamp Republicans are incompetent to defend America. While our military is consumed in Iraq, Al Qaeda has regrouped in Pakistan. After 9/11, Bush misled himself and the rest of America into Iraq, while our real enemy found shelter behind the borders of our "ally" Pakistan (the same folks who sold nuclear secrets to North Korea).

The truth will set you free. America would be stronger and safer if we could face the truth of where we are now and how we got there. But I have no hope of truth from Bush, a determined man unable to distinguish between reality and his desires, a man simply incapable of admitting that he's made a mistake.


Simi Valley


Bush states that our effort in Iraq is largely a struggle against Al Qaeda. Is he unaware that this situation is a result of our attack on Iraq? That Al Qaeda was not prominent in Iraq under Saddam Hussein? That this result was not difficult to expect?


Newport Beach

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