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Lethal arrogance, lethal complicity

July 16, 2007

Re "Bush quiets GOP revolt over Iraq," July 13

Like many Democrats, I am disappointed with the party's effectiveness since it took control of Congress last November. But what can the Democrats do when President Bush continues to ignore facts and public opinion in favor of stubbornness, ignorance and proud arrogance? He is running the country like his own private fiefdom and his party, paralyzed with indecision, resorts to partisan politics to stay the bloody course in Iraq.

When the executive branch and Congress will not abide by the will of the people, a will made abundantly clear by ballot, the people are left with only one option: Remove them. It's time to start over.


Huntington Beach


I noted the number of military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan on the day Bush vowed to wait for the September progress reports. Over the next three months, I will continue my weekly practice of praying for deceased soldiers and their families. When the official assessment of the surge's failure is reported, I intend to e-mail every elected official whose cowardice contributed to those deaths between July and September. Last week I attended the funeral of a local soldier whose young life was cut short by this war. His was one of three such services that morning at that particular cemetery. Does anyone recall reading about the son or daughter of any national legislator whose life has been sacrificed for this president?


Los Angeles


Every time Bush ignores the wishes of the American people, our nation becomes that much weaker. Every time Bush turns a blind eye to justice, the words of our Constitution become that much fainter. Every time Bush says there is hope in his Iraq policies, the casualty rate increases, the cost of this war goes up and the hopes of thousands of American families that they will see their loved ones return from Iraq diminish.

Whatever happened to Bush's commitment to bring honor and integrity to the White House? Whatever happened to compassionate conservatism? What happened to our beloved country?


El Segundo


"In deference to the president ... I think it's important that we wait until all the facts are in in September," said Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.).

During that time, more than 200 young American soldiers will probably die, and many more will be wounded. How about some deference to them?


Culver City


Won't anybody in Congress finally get real and say out loud the simple truth about what Bush is really doing? Bush is not "supporting our troops." He is killing our troops.




If you want the Middle East to have regimes that take the names and addresses of political opponents, listen in on ordinary citizens' phone calls, sweep up people who may be criminals and put them in lockup limbo with no charges, blur the lines of what constitutes torture, fail to listen to citizens' wishes, and cancel out checks and balances on executive power, then maybe you do wish to export the Bush version of freedom and liberty to transform the Middle East. I find this a very dangerous and terrible gift to give to other nations.


Laguna Hills

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