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July 19, 2007

Breaking news and more

* For breaking news, discussion boards, special reports and useful news links, go to The Times' California page online.

Daily Mirror

* Flashback to 1950s L.A. A jury convicted Wallace LeRoy Schiers of second-degree murder on July 18, 1957. But Schiers continued to insist that he did not kill his wife. He said: "I have nothing on my conscience. Somewhere along the line I have got to be exonerated. I am not guilty." /thedailymirror/

Bottleneck Blog

* Another major expansion of the Topanga mall raises questions about traffic. Can the West Valley handle it? Join the discussion.

LA Land

* Is there a real estate glut developing in, of all places, Santa Monica? The Times' real estate blog examines the question.

Clergy abuse

* Full coverage of the settlement of L.A.'s priest abuse scandal, including a discussion board, background chapters and a searchable database of 247 priests accused of abuse and the parishes where they served.

HIV at Cedars-Sinai

* At least 33 infants were infected in the 1980s by HIV-tainted transfusions at Cedars-Sinai. Many died, some lived. All got lost in the larger AIDS crisis. A package of stories and photos.

Looking for gold

Watch an audio slide show about gold miners chasing a dream in the Angeles National Forest.

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