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Living with wildlife

July 19, 2007

Re "Killing of bear stirs public safety debate," July 14

I have lived in the foothills above Pasadena for more than 20 years and I, too, have noticed a marked increase in bear encounters. The increase in bear activity has become a major concern. Recently, a large, untagged bear wandered around my patio for about an hour.

Calls to the California Department of Fish and Game and the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control have proved frustrating. The one time I was able to get through their busy signals, they offered little support. Although I would not support indiscriminate bear shootings, it would be sensible and humane to equip citizens with the capability of tranquilizing bears as part of an effective relocation program so that a human tragedy can be avoided.




Multiple generations of children have been successfully raised to adulthood in our foothills among the bears, rattlesnakes and mountain lions. Newer residents' fears that their offspring will be mauled and mutilated tell us more about their lack of real-life living skills than the dangers of wildlife. These maladapted, fearful folks should've stayed down in the sterile, low-risk, boringly safe environment of the flatlands where they obviously belong.



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