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Don't be surprised if Republicans win

July 21, 2007

Re "A GOP comeback strategy," Opinion, July 15

Although I tremble at the thought of another Republican executive branch, I think Frank Luntz is too pessimistic about the GOP's chances for winning the presidency. Because voters appear to be easily swayed by irrelevant but beguiling bits of information and -- in the midst of the killing and maiming of thousands of young American military personnel and the slaughter of even more Iraqis -- are preoccupied with mindless rubbish such as "American Idol" and Paris Hilton, GOP success is not only possible but probable.

Among the various engravings on the San Diego City and County Administration Building are two that are honored more in their breach than in their observance: "The noblest motive is the public good," and, "Good government demands the intelligent interest of every citizen." Knowing that these exhortations will never be obtained, Karl Rove can pull off a victory. After all, it was Rove who was able to have an empty leather jacket elected governor of Texas and president of the United States.


San Diego


Sure, the people's approval of Congress is lower than that of President Bush, but that is misleading. Nearly everyone disapproves of one party or the other. The pollsters are asking the wrong question. They should ask, "Which party in Congress, Democratic or Republican, is attempting to do the things that you prefer?"


West Hills

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