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Out at the yard

July 21, 2007

The only way Mark Hendrickson can help the Dodgers is if he gets traded to the Padres to pitch. It's time for Ned Colletti to end this weird science experiment.




Clearly, Brett Tomko knows how to attract interest in his services as a starting pitcher: Maintain an ERA over 6.00, complain about his role on a team tied for the division lead while serving as a distraction to his teammates. D.J. Houlton should take notes if he ever wants to leave Las Vegas.


Los Angeles


The Dodgers have won 11 straight at AT&T Park and kept the egotistical Barry Bonds from getting a single hit. Now if we could only play the Padres in San Francisco.




Let me get this straight -- Grady Little whines and moans on how his overtaxed bullpen is wearing down and he wants more from his starters.

OK. Got it.

Then, against the Giants, he pulls a cruising Derek Lowe after 91 pitches in the sixth inning? Of course, the game goes 12 innings and he taxes his bullpen again. Huh?

What's with this guy?

He's either stuck on automatic pitch counts, or, he's still overreacting to the Pedro Martinez incident.

Come on, Grady, get with it.


Lake Balboa


The Angels keep saying Ervin Santana has a major league arm. I'll take their word for it. Problem is he doesn't have a major league head, which was obvious to me after his hissy-fit after his lone road victory this season against the injury-depleted and dare I say National League Cardinals. He simply can't be allowed to continue to go out there every five days unless it's for Salt Lake.



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