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Is Bush a liability or a legacy?

July 22, 2007

Re "Bush the albatross," Opinion, July 18

Ronald Brownstein uses the latest round of polls to declare that President Bush is the biggest obstacle to Republican hopes of retaking Congress in the 2008 election, or to even hold on to their seats. He completely ignores the fact that those polls also show that Congress has a lower approval rating than our beleaguered chief executive.

As far as congressional Republicans go, they lost their last election; Bush won his. The last thing Republicans in Congress should do is abandon the president and their party on Iraq. That might make Brownstein, The Times and the Democrats happy, but it would also make the next election truly disastrous for the GOP. It is weak-kneed Republicans caving in to pressure from the Democrats and the mainstream media who are an albatross around Bush's neck, not the other way around.

Lou Banas


In the upcoming elections, people will be looking for strong, honest guidance. The GOP is proof that an elephant in the room can bring down the tent. People need a clean choice. Democrats have to run a tip-top shop. Let's do our laundry. A load of laundry starts with one dirty item and piles up quickly. The Republicans are suffering from gross stains that won't come out. We can do better.

Karen Suarez


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