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Her career isn't the issue

July 24, 2007

Re "Trusted voice in Latino media finds her career on hold," July 21

Telemundo executives are considering whether to fire Mirthala Salinas because of her relationship with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

If anyone is to lose their job, it should be the mayor. Salinas committed no crime in dating a married man and acted responsibly by informing Telemundo's management that she should no longer be assigned to cover the mayor because of the relationship.

Will this be another case in which a man walks free while a woman pays the price?

H. Newton Malony


How many more boring developments in the Antonio-Mirthala relationship are we to be subjected to? Now her career with Telemundo hangs in the balance? Get real! Telemundo should face up to the fact that if it lets Salinas go, its television station will face a big fall in its ratings. True, she was a bit aggressive in her admission of the affair, but aggressive is good, isn't it?

Villaraigosa made his choice, and Salinas made hers. They deserve each other.

Elinor Lynch

Palm Desert

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