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Border protection or lethal canal?

July 25, 2007

Re "Building a deathtrap," editorial, July 21

I've noticed plenty of bizarre editorials in The Times, but this takes the cake. The Times wails that repairs to the 82-mile All American Canal, which carries water from the Colorado River along the border with Mexico, will be a dangerous threat to illegals crossing that river, so steps and rescue equipment should be built into the concrete lining. While most people urgently want a fence along the border to keep illegals out, The Times wants to be sure they can safely get in.

Dick Ettington

Palos Verdes

Almost as tragic as the potential loss of human life in the canals that cross the desert regions of Southern California is the loss of wildlife. In many areas, the only water sources left in this drought year are canals. These same concrete channels that doom human swimmers are killing deer and other large animals with much greater frequency. That neither loss seems important to these soulless bureaucrats is all the more reason for Congress to take them to the woodshed and impose basic ethical behavior.

Mike Post


This 23-mile stretch of canal should be updated with concrete now for everyone's sake. With proper notification and word of mouth, which works better than any life preserver, injuries would be reduced or eliminated; this would include the drownings of the "lawbreakers" as well. This necessary project will not add to the statistics if no one tries to cross the border. Let these people take responsibility, and let the concrete flow.

Howard S. Kerner III


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