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Healthcare for veterans

July 26, 2007

Re "Vets' lawsuit combats VA's 'meltdown,' " July 24

I can't believe how shabbily we are treating our veterans. Earlier stories on this issue in The Times mentioned that outsourcing contracts in VA hospitals were part of the problem.

I hope this lawsuit will bring to light the cozy relationship between companies such as IAP Worldwide Services Inc. and KBR Inc. (both subsidiaries of Halliburton Co.) and the Bush administration. These companies are making billions of dollars off of the "war on terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the men and women who are fighting the war are denied decent medical care. It's a disgrace.

Frances Rouse

Sierra Madre

Maybe someone ought to alert Michael Moore that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs seems to lack compassion. Wasn't that supposed to be the problem of private healthcare?

Jim Gorton


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