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Kangaroo court

July 28, 2007

Re "Justices uphold kangaroo hide ban," July 24

It seems hard to believe that California is trying to protect a species of animal that in its native land is not at all considered threatened. In many parts of Australia, the larger species of kangaroo (as distinguished from endangered wallaby species) are considered vermin. There are plans afoot in Canberra for Australia's Department of Defense to engage in the culling of kangaroos on its land, as the animals are reaching plague proportions and endangering grassland habitat for other native species.

Many Australians own kangaroo leather shoes and belts and eat kangaroo steaks (very lean red meat) -- my dog eats it too. There is no danger that the kangaroo will become endangered, and it does not require the protection of California or anyone else.

Morgan Hitchcock

Canberra, Australia

I reacted with astonishment when I read that the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer club believes that it is at a competitive disadvantage without the use of kangaroo-skin shoes.

Regardless of the question of whether the killing of these species contributes to their decline, this position is simply absurd and ignores the key factors of competitiveness: talent, capability of the team members and coaching.

It's easy to make such ridiculous arguments when it's impossible to prove them true. Nonetheless, the Galaxy should be ashamed of resorting to such asinine arguments.

Dan Chia


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