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Let's make a deal

July 28, 2007

Congratulations to the Angels on a great year of baseball. From July of last year through June of this year, they were awesome. Unfortunately, the baseball season runs from April through September, not July through June, and the second half of this season is starting to smell just as bad as the first half of last year. Everyone says they need a bat. In this rare instance, "everyone" is right.

Everyone but me of course, who back in June congratulated Bill Stoneman for his lack of activity after criticizing him for the same thing a month earlier. I was wrong when I said I was wrong. Please Mr. Stoneman; do something before Vladimir Guerrero turns into the greatest singles hitter of our time.




Over the course of a season pitchers develop little quirks in their mechanics that require the keen eye and constructive critique of a knowledgeable pitching coach to get things back on track. Why is the Angels' pitching staff having so much trouble this year? The biggest reason is Mike Butcher just ain't no Bud Black.


Costa Mesa

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