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July 29, 2007

Homicide Report

The Times' Jill Leovy examines the shooting death of a 22-year-old man at a "square party," involving students from local Catholic high schools. Leovy talks to a detective about changing party dynamics: "If you are at a party and the mood or the mix of the crowd seems to be changing, leave. If an argument breaks out involving anyone at the party, leave."

Daily Mirror

An L.A. mystery from the 1950s. In 1948, Lynn Dunn's mother disappears. Nine years later, Dunn begins receiving threatening letters and phone calls. The Times' Larry Harnisch revisits the tale told in the pages of The Times.

Bottleneck Blog

Is Los Angeles still car-chase central? Not exactly. The Sheriff's Department is showing restraint.

Burke's residence

Speak out on issues facing Southern California. The Times' Jack Leonard and Matt Lait found that L.A. County Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke is living in a home in Brentwood, which is outside her district. What are your thoughts?

The mayor's relationship

Will the mayor's relationship with a reporter for a Spanish-language TV station owned by NBC Universal affect the huge proposed development at Universal City, which NBC's parent company wants to build?

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