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Getting Griffith Park back on track

July 29, 2007

Re "Conflict grows over Griffith recovery plan," July 24

As a member of the Griffith Park Master Plan Working Group, I see no controversy between our draft plan and the desire of L.A. City Councilman Ed Reyes to have better bike access to Griffith Park. In fact, the draft plan's Mobility Chapter addresses and encourages quiet, energy-efficient mobility modes. The L.A. River bike path lacks safe connectivity to the park at some places, and perhaps improvements can be engineered. The hope is to bring more people to the park to enjoy its nature, so bringing them by modes other than autos is terrific.

Gerry Hans

Los Angeles


The situation is worse than the article states. The L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks has used the recent fire and trail "rehabilitation" scheduled for September as an excuse to close hiking trails in non-burned areas. Closing unburned trails during the summer when they are most needed is callous. Councilman Tom LaBonge correctly demands that trails in non-burned areas be reopened.

Lawrence Goldberg


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