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Police time wasted on pot

July 30, 2007

Re "DEA raids 10 pot shops," July 26

I'd like to know whether the city is being reimbursed by the federal government for the use of Los Angeles police officers in recent medical marijuana raids. It's shocking that city taxpayers, who overwhelmingly support medical marijuana, are asked to subsidize the federal government's violation of our state's sovereignty and attack on the will of its voters while the city can't even get its fair share of federal transportation funds.

The City Council should immediately pass a law banning L.A. police officers from participating in Drug Enforcement Administration raids of medical marijuana facilities, even when that participation is limited to perimeter security and traffic control.

Joseph Magazenni

Los Angeles

How many methamphetamine labs have DEA agents busted this year? How hard is it to bust a storefront? Lazy comes to mind, as do storm troopers. Who do we call to get them to go after truly dangerous drugs?

David Reid


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