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June 05, 2007

Re "Idea rich, postage poor," Opinion, May 28

Teresa Stack and Jack Fowler correctly note that small magazines "have an outsized effect on public discourse," yet their commentary ignores the substantial editorial discounts enjoyed by all magazines. The Postal Regulatory Commission's recent recommendation preserves and fosters the continued widespread dissemination of political and cultural thought by increasing the editorial discount available to all magazine mailers. As a result of our approach, the smallest publications, those with circulations of 15,000 or less, will see lower increases than under proposals made by large publishers or the Postal Service.

However, in the face of rapidly declining magazine mail volume and rising postal-handling costs despite rate incentives, the commission sought to encourage better operational practices. Whether some or all magazines should qualify for public subsidy to pay for their dissemination via the U.S. mail is a policy issue beyond the scope of the commission's ratemaking authority.


\o7Chairman, Postal

\f7\o7Regulatory Commission



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