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The lessons of Locke High

June 06, 2007

Re "District blunts Locke High's revolt," June 2

It is no surprise that the Los Angeles Unified School District has been trying to find ways to stifle the voices of the teachers at Locke High School. Misinformation is a staple of the LAUSD's management style. There is a simple solution to the back-and-forth claims. Hold an independently conducted election among the teachers, with all sides -- the LAUSD, Green Dot Public Schools, United Teachers Los Angeles and the California Teachers Assn. -- publishing clear and public statements of their positions. Then let the teachers vote by secret ballot.


Agoura Hills


Recent events at Locke and other schools point to despair about the LAUSD's product. Green Dot offers hope and may wrest more students from the LAUSD -- and the public funding that comes with them. Parents will have at least the Green Dot option. Gee, it sounds as if we're moving toward voucher-less school vouchers -- public funds being applied to a parent's chosen alternative. Perhaps we should just open the gates and allow vouchers.


Culver City

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