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Fighting the war at home

June 06, 2007

Re "War vote barrage planned on Iraq," June 4

The Democrats are sacrificing our military on the altar of political opportunism, hoping to regain the White House in 2008 by exploiting the war issue. They finally voted to fund the troops after encouraging our enemies with their antiwar oratory. They continue to do so. The ayatollahs in Iran and Al Qaeda salivate over the Democrats' rhetoric.

The Democrats should not aid our enemies with their politically motivated campaign criticizing our military endeavors in the Middle East. That is traitorous conduct.


Arroyo Grande, Calif.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) is justified in saying "it is appropriate that there be a national debate on the existing authorization for the war in Iraq." That is what the framers of the Constitution intended. For decades, Congress has acquiesced to increased presidential war power. The framers never intended for Congress to give presidents a blank check to wage war, as Congress did in 2002 when it granted President Bush authorization to use force against Iraq without specifying limitations on the scope, duration, objectives, reporting requirements, funding criteria or an exit strategy for the war.

Congress can now assert its power by overseeing the executive branch's conduct of the war and rescinding the original congressional authorization, by stating that our involvement in the Iraq civil war is not the war that was authorized and by prohibiting further expenditure for involvement in that war.


Gualala, Calif.

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