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Politics and racism

June 08, 2007

Re "Lynwood politics a stage for region's racial power shift," June 5

I was amused and saddened to read the article on the squabbling over political power in Lynwood. From the title, I knew that the "racial strife" was between "people of color." If light-skinned parties were involved, the article would have probably been titled, "Racism in Lynwood." Also, it's interesting to note that even though the combatants were people of color, they found a way to insinuate that the majority (white) stereotypes were partly to blame. Despite the frustrating semantics, it's valuable to expose racism in all its colors.




The Times provides little more than frustration to this social scientist with its reference to "racial" conflict. Listen up: There is no such entity as a "Latino" race. And the real tragedy unfolding in Lynwood is a continuation of the "race" conflict manufactured by an all-powerful "white" population. And a "white"-owned press such as The Times, rather than defuse and debunk those concepts, adds to and perpetuates it when it could address the real underlying problems, such as a lack of material well-being.


Los Angeles

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