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Kings fans forget to Duck

June 09, 2007

It's official. Now the Kings are the undisputed Mickey Mouse hockey franchise of Southern California.


Sherman Oaks


For those of you keeping score: Ducks 1, Kings 0


Sherman Oaks


Congratulations to the Ducks. As a longtime and die-hard Kings fan, I will never, ever, forgive you for this.


Los Feliz


With the Ducks' historic Stanley Cup win still etched in my mind as I contemplate the Kings' upcoming season-ticket renewal deadline, does AEG still feel no shame in rebuilding downtown while allowing the Kings to wither away? I don't expect anyone to wake up Phil Anschutz and ask him for his thoughts, but why has Tim Leiweke suddenly gone silent after years of false promises?


Los Angeles


As a Kings fan I want to congratulate the Ducks on bringing the Stanley Cup to SoCal. I would also like to point out the following facts to Kings' management:

1. The Ducks have won seven Stanley Cup finals games to the Kings' one.

2. The Ducks have been to the Stanley Cup finals twice and the Kings once.

3. Ducks management has been serious about winning a Stanley Cup since they bought the team from Disney compared to the Kings management, which is more interested in using the team as a tax write-off while they pay millions to "Bend it like Beckham."

Please drop the "Serious Hockey" slogan, Kings, because the serious hockey team plays in Orange County.


Monterey Park


As a long-suffering (22 years) Kings fan, watching the Ducks win the Stanley Cup was about as enjoyable as being disemboweled and fed to fire ants. But they were the better team, so congratulations.

Now all the bandwagon-jumpers can go back to rooting for the Angels.


Canoga Park


At 7:36 p.m. on the night of June 6, 2007, the Los Angeles Kings hockey club was declared irrelevant.

In just two years, the Providence College, Harvard Law School-educated Brian Burke has accomplished what the high school-educated, slick, arrogant, used-car salesman Tim Leiweke could only dream about: bringing the Stanley Cup to Southern California.

With Kings fans deserting the team in droves, it only seems rational, that like the guy who wins big at the craps table in Vegas and walks away -- the greedy owners of the Kings (AEG), who have reaped a fortune in taxpayer dollars courtesy of the supine decision-makers at City Hall (past and current) to develop everything in downtown but a Stanley Cup-contending hockey club -- need to sell the team to folks who will relocate the team to the brand new, AEG-built arena in Kansas City, Mo.

Surely the old Kansas City Scouts fans will be as thrilled with the new hockey club as the NFL Cardinals fans in St. Louis who greeted the Rams when they relocated.


North Hills


How fitting is it that such a superb writer as Helene Elliott is able to give us her accounts on the Ducks bringing California its first Stanley Cup. It made it all that much more memorable.


San Dimas


Let me see if I have this straight. It has been nearly 20 years since the Dodgers' last World Series victory and the Kings are worse off now than they've ever been. Yet in the last five years, the Anaheim Ducks and Angels have won championships?

That's it -- I'm never going to Disneyland again.


Sherman Oaks


Ducks win the cup. Paris got out. Yippee.

Now can we have a football team?



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