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Tribunals are an embarrassment

June 10, 2007

Re "Tribunals are dealt another legal setback," June 5

The current Guantanamo Bay scandal proves once again that the American justice system is untrustworthy and incapable of prosecuting the war on terror. So far, none of the people imprisoned at Guantanamo has been convicted, and now it seems that they may never be. As a young person, I am outraged that our government has gone to such criminal lengths. It is unfair or illegal to detain foreigners in our military court system. We have wasted tax dollars, and we have wasted space in the prison that could be used for real criminals charged with real crimes. Now the government has not only embarrassed itself in America's eyes but in those of the whole world.


North Hollywood


Definition of why the Guantanamo war crimes tribunals are illegitimate: When a case gets thrown out of a legitimate court, the defendant goes free. When a case gets thrown out of an illegitimate tribunal, the defendant get escorted back to his cell and has absolutely no idea when and if he will ever be released.


Marina del Rey

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