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Immigration bill's flop preordained

June 11, 2007

Re "Immigration bill on the ropes," June 8

Is it so surprising that the Senate has deadlocked on immigration reform? Whatever the polls say, Americans are addicted to cheap labor. They prefer the status quo to any laws that bestow a measure of dignity and fairness to those who pick our crops, populate our factories and wipe our babies' bottoms.

They prefer a heavily militarized Maginot Line at the border. They wince when they hear people speaking Spanish, especially in the Southwest, the land we stole from Mexico. And they long for an endless supply of temporary workers who won't "dilute" our culture.

No, Senate immigration negotiators are not working against the will of the majority. They reflect, on both sides of the aisle, our national prejudices.

If immigration reform fails, it's because most Americans want it to fail.


Vista, Calif.


Re "New rules waived on passports," June 8

Is it going to be the same government as the one that can't get a passport out in three months that will be responsible for enforcing whatever regulations come from an immigration bill?


Santa Ana


Re "Stuck on immigration," editorial, June 8

I was insulted by your editorial, as you indicated the Republican senators played to the "know-nothing fringe." For your information, I am not a "know-nothing" just because I am not buying all this insanity that is being shoved down taxpayers' throats. Law-abiding Americans who want strict enforcement of the laws regarding immigration, especially penalties for greedy employers and securing the border, are not a bunch of ignorant people.



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