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Unfortunately, we always have Paris

June 12, 2007

Re "Tug-of-war over Hilton raises larger questions," June 9

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is wrong to classify Paris Hilton as a low-risk offender, and his statement is an insult to everyone who has ever lost a loved one to a drunk driver. How many times since her drunk-driving conviction has Hilton been photographed partying and drinking? She was caught not once but twice driving on a suspended license. Her excuse when she was hauled into court -- that she didn't know -- is hogwash.

She flagrantly violated the law and put other lives at risk. She needs to learn a lesson about responsibility, and yet Baca only reinforced Hilton's belief that if she throws a big enough temper tantrum, she will get her way.

I hope Baca received enough money from the Hiltons to retire because it's doubtful he will be reelected.


Silver Lake


Re "Regarding Paris," editorial, June 9

Your editorial was excellent. The real question is not whether Hilton should be in or out of jail but why President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are not in jail. To those caught up in the Hilton drama, I say, get a life. And to Hilton, I say, get a driver.


Manhattan Beach


I had to laugh when I read your editorial faulting all those involved in the Hilton circus for doing nothing more than generating buzz for the hotel heiress. In light of The Times' same-day, front-page story about the whole ridiculous affair (complete, of course, with color photos of the distraught, spoiled brat), three words come to mind: in pari delicto.


Simi Valley

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