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Where did they get those `finds'?

June 14, 2007

THE Home section's cover story last week ["Salvaged in Style"] prompted a flurry of e-mails from readers who wanted to know more about Carrie and Adam Carr's mix of refurbished furniture, new purchases and fine art. Most simply wanted to know: Where did they get some of that great stuff?

Take the window screen in the lead cover photo. Carrie Carr says that she bought the piece for $18 at the Rose Bowl flea market and painted it black to match two cane chairs from her parents' house.

What about the branch-shaped picture holder in daughter Carolyn's nursery, pictured in the accompanying "Casting for Collectibles" photo gallery at It's from Pottery Barn Kids.

In the master bedroom, the Carrs bought nightstands from a Culver City thrift store and had custom bases made, prompting the inevitable question: Who made those bases? They were crafted at Robles Custom Furniture of Los Angeles, (323) 933-1784.

One money-saving strategy at work in the house is to decorate with animal skins instead of pricey rugs. Carrie Carr's favorite resource for those pieces: EBay. "An endless supply and great prices," she says.

Perhaps the most fan mail, however, was reserved for the Carrs' beloved pet, a Spanish water dog named Pablo (also pictured in the online gallery). Some readers wanted to make sure we didn't mean to say Portuguese water dog, and we didn't. According to the American Kennel Club, the two types of dogs are distinct.

The nonprofit Spanish Water Dog Club says its breed can still be found in the Spanish countryside, where the dog historically was used much like its Portuguese water dog cousin to retrieve fishing nets and guard the catch.

Pablo prefers tennis balls.

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