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Revived bill is the wrong bill

June 18, 2007

Re "Senate leaders strike a deal to revive immigration bill," June 15

The Times writes: "The bill kicked up fierce objections among conservatives across the country who derided it as amnesty for illegal immigrants, emboldening Senate opponents who thwarted attempts to debate the bill." The immigration bill died because its proponents failed to muster the votes to end debate.

As a self-described progressive myself, I'm offended when opposition to a bill that so clearly and nakedly caters to the interests of the corporate elite is characterized as "conservative." Progressives and liberals are supposed to be for the working class, the poor, justice and fairness. This bill hurts the working class and the poor by allowing big business to import millions of low-wage workers to do jobs that citizens and legal residents would do if only a decent wage were offered. It also allows illegal immigrants to cut in line in front of those who are trying to immigrate to this country the right way: legally.


Los Angeles


I have an idea for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrats: Reconsider President Bush's immigration reform when he decides to reconsider his failed war in Iraq. When are the Democrats going to finally learn that they can't trust this president?



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