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City attorney's rocky road

June 20, 2007

Re "L.A. official apologizes for silence," June 19

City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo didn't mishandle the situation about covering up his wife's accident while she drove, uninsured and on a suspended license, in a city-owned vehicle that apparently she had no right to drive. He lied and chose not to enforce the law. Shame on him. He ought to resign before we have to throw him out.


Beverly Hills


So Delgadillo's wife didn't know she was driving on a suspended license. Isn't that the same excuse Paris Hilton gave? Because Rocky demanded that Hilton be thrown in the slammer (deservedly so), maybe Mrs. Delgadillo needs a little time in the gray-bar hotel. Turnabout is fair play.




I am not one for following the exploits of the stars, but if I must be subjected to reading about it, maybe it's a good thing to have celebrities around, if only to keep our local elected officials in check.




Re "Surprise! Rocky was better off not talking," column, June 19

I am shocked to learn of Delgadillo's deception surrounding the accident involving his wife and his city-issued SUV. I am further upset by the fact that he and his wife have had extended stints as uninsured motorists and that his wife drove for months with a suspended license. How can Delgadillo be trusted to ethically manage the city attorney's office when neither he nor his family obey the laws he is supposed to uphold?


Simi Valley


Re "Rocky watch: Day 7," editorial, June 18

I am disappointed at the dropping of "Rocky Watch." Delgadillo's apologies were disingenuous at best. He said he should have come out earlier (earlier, meaning last week). The accident occurred in 2004, but he didn't think he should have come out then? I thought he went to law school, but he is ignorant of city policy and regulations and car insurance (i.e., spouses are not allowed to drive city vehicles). My husband has been in federal government for more than 30 years, many of those years with access to a government car. Not only was I never allowed to drive it, I was not allowed to be a passenger in it either. Thank goodness Delgadillo did not become state attorney general.


Thousand Oaks

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