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June 21, 2007

Yet another unhappy viewer

Re "Landmark, Meet Backlash" (June 14):

I recently visited the new Landmark theater in West Los Angeles with high expectations. I went to see "Paris, Je T'aime," which was playing in theater No. 4. The very nice usher took me to my seat, which was the last row of the front section, where I usually sit at the ArcLight or Century City AMC. From this seat you had to look almost straight up to see the screen.

Before I said a word, the usher said, "I know, we get this all the time. I'd be happy to get you another seat." Well, after two more seats, I found one that was tolerable. That is the worst designed small theater in L.A. because the screen is way too high and oddly placed. There are only about 20 good seats in the entire room.

The usher said, "Next time, try the other theaters; they're a lot better."

The ArcLight and Century AMC have nothing to fear.


Los Angeles

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