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In search of integrity

June 21, 2007

Re "Attorney firings echo in courts," June 18

It's the Bush administration's whole-hog corruption -- not "controversy" -- that has "drained morale from U.S. attorney offices around the country" and is "casting a shadow over the integrity of the department and its corps of career prosecutors in court." By derailing investigations into the crimes of cronies and firing anyone who won't play along and replacing them with those who will, the administration perverts the Justice Department's mandate from "justice for all" to "absolute power for Republicans." None of us can trust U.S. attorneys under this administration to deliver justice.

Restoring confidence isn't even an option until we get rid of the root problem. Because this administration has a penchant for turning things upside-down, backward or otherwise cock-eyed, it's no surprise that the rotten roots are at the top.


Costa Mesa


How many graduates of the school of lying, cheating and stealing for Jesus are now in the Justice Department? These Pharisees would have been thrown out of the temple of justice long ago were it not for the mafia of Bush loyalists.

Voters in 2008 must elect a president and Congress with no loyalty to this corrupt administration, including those Democrats who jumped into bed with President Bush on illegal immigration. Throw the bums out and set a new direction of decency and justice for this country.


Manhattan Beach


Re "Time to talk," editorial, June 18

Your editorial is accurate. There is no reason for a constitutional confrontation between Congress and the White House when they can craft reasonable compromises. If lawmakers and Bush do not reach an accord, Congress will be viewed as pursuing a fishing expedition, and the White House will be perceived as having something to hide.


Richmond, Va.

The writer is a law professor at the University of Richmond.

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