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Give Bush a break

June 22, 2007

Re "One thing we can all agree on," Opinion, June 15

You know that you have a problem when nearly the entire world hates you. Unfortunately, that is the problem that President Bush has to deal with daily.

Something these Bush-bashers fail to realize is that it is not the easiest thing to make America and the rest of the world happy. The general consensus is that the U.S. needs to pull out of Iraq; however, the consensus is also that Bush needs to more strongly combat terrorism. And everybody agrees that Bush has spent too much and done too little. Bush has had the inopportunity of being president in a time when the world is very troubled. There are simply too many issues that need tending for one man to do it. Give the guy a break -- he is human.


Canoga Park


Rightfully, Bush deserves criticism. Especially because he has expanded government spending for liberal issues to extremes, and for his continued support for amnesty for illegal immigrants (and for corporations that hire them). But you did not expand on those issues. In addition, you did not expand on the extremely low approval rating of Congress, especially as it is lower than that of Bush. Why don't you let the reader make his own decision on important topics? Leaving out facts that are as important is quite misleading.


San Gabriel

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