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Keeping track of the Delgadillos

June 22, 2007

Re "Delgadillo used his staff for baby-sitting, errands," June 21

If the city of Los Angeles is capable of specifying who should drive the publicly purchased automobiles used by its senior elected and appointed officials, why can't it also mandate the kind of vehicles these employees drive?

City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo and all others in his vaunted category should be weaned from the gas-guzzling glamour tanks they maintain at our expense. This would, in turn, eliminate family member abuse of car privileges, because I'm sure Michelle Delgadillo and others would be less than eager to drive a gray Toyota Prius with a city logo on its doors.


Sierra Madre


The rocky road that Delgadillo is traveling, unfortunately, is well deserved. Kudos to those reporters who did the digging to bring some of his misdeeds to the public's attention. The word "hypocrite" hardly suffices for someone who would wink, for his own convenience, at the very laws he is elected to enforce.

To claim that he did not understand the law or that he wasn't aware that he was not in compliance with the law is laughable. If he can credibly make this argument, then who can be held accountable to the law? Could he just now be finding out that the law applies to him and his family?

Delgadillo and his wife have said they are embarrassed by these revelations, but it seems that they deserve more than embarrassment. One can only hope that Delgadillo's lack of (timely) personal accountability will make him unelectable for any public office.




I've got to stop at the store on the way home and pick up a few groceries -- you know, eggs, cat litter, plus drop off the dry cleaning. Anyway, it'd be a real time saver if someone on Delgadillo's staff could take care of that for me. Also, the plumber's supposed to show up around 8 tomorrow morning, and ... oh, if I could maybe borrow the car tonight?


Studio City


Could you tell me where I can apply for a job with the city attorney's office? I have no experience baby-sitting or picking up dry cleaning, but I'm willing to learn.


West Hollywood

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