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Plans for the 405 run flat

June 23, 2007

Re "Freeway project may hit tie-ups," June 17

As a resident of Brentwood Glen, I was disappointed with the article about the proposed expansion of the 405 Freeway. It neglects to mention that Brentwood Glen supports the creation of a northbound carpool lane without widening every lane, which does not require razing a church and nearly 100 family units in Brentwood Glen.


Los Angeles


Everybody will lose with this freeway expansion, because 10 minutes after it opens, the 405 Freeway will look exactly like it does today, only wider.

People will have suffered through the construction mess, traffic congestion and inconvenience, some losing their homes, all to give Caltrans more to do and a bunch of contractors cost overruns that we will be paying for as we sit in the bumper-to-bumper traffic a week after the expanded carpool lane opens.

Wake up and smell the diesel fumes. Spend the money on light rail that actually goes somewhere (like down the middle of the 405 and 10 freeways) and runs all the time, take up existing freeway lanes to do it and watch how quickly people opt to leave their cars at home.

Go with the mass-transit purpose of Proposition 1B. For once, city, county and state governments, do the right thing.


Sherman Oaks

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