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First-class fliers are usually upgraders

June 24, 2007

Re "Globalism at 35,000 feet," Opinion, June 19

What Pico Iyer seems not to understand about business and first-class seats on airlines is that most are filled by people like me: frequent fliers who have accumulated lots of miles by being loyal to a specific airline.

I almost always fly first or business class, but I usually pay a coach fare and trade my many miles for the upgrade.

He also paints a worst-case scenario of the price of a business-class ticket. I hope that he will disclose where he finds those $500 seats so that the rest of us can get in on that.

I'm 6-foot-4, and a flight to Asia or Europe is a living hell for me jammed into the tiny coach seats that so many airlines provide.

The idea that business-class fliers want to avoid the riff-raff or eat more crummy airline food is ridiculous.

I fly business class because I get a much bigger seat, lots of legroom and arrive relaxed and rested instead of having my nerves jangled by being crammed into the "back of the Airbus."


Santa Monica


Does anyone actually pay $9,000 for a business-class seat? In my experience, everyone in business class, except for the air marshal, is an elite frequent flier enjoying a free upgrade from that $500 coach seat.


Corvallis, Ore.

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